What is the size of poslaju parcel L?

Understanding the Dimensions of PosLaju Parcel L

The size of a PosLaju Parcel L is as follows:

  • Dimensions: 225mm x 420mm x 340mm

Let’s break down these dimensions in detail for a comprehensive understanding.

Dimensional Breakdown:

  1. Length: 225mm or 22.5cm
    • The length is the longest side of the parcel when observed horizontally.
    • It’s important as it impacts how the parcel is handled and sorted during transit and contributes to determining whether the parcel can be accommodated within PosLaju’s size limits.
  2. Width: 420mm or 42cm
    • The width is the shorter side of the parcel when observed horizontally.
    • Accurate width measurement is vital for appropriate parcel stacking and ensuring stability during transportation, avoiding any potential damage to the contents inside due to falling or squeezing.
  3. Height: 340mm or 34cm
    • The height of the parcel is observed vertically.
    • Proper measurement of height is critical as it influences the parcel’s positioning within the delivery vehicle, potentially impacting other parcels around it.
What is the size of poslaju parcel L?

Usage & Importance:

PosLaju Parcel L is one of the larger parcel sizes available, suitable for shipping bulkier and heavier items that require ample space. These might include clothing, electronics, or a combination of smaller items bundled together.

The precise measurement of each dimension is crucial, impacting:

  1. Packaging: Ensuring that the contents fit snugly within the parcel, with no unnecessary movement that could lead to damage.
  2. Pricing: The dimensions, along with the weight, impact the shipping cost.
  3. Handling: Correctly measured and labeled parcels allow for appropriate handling, sorting, and stacking, minimizing the risk of damage during transit.

Other Considerations:

  1. Weight Limit: Each parcel size typically has a weight limit. For Parcel L, it is crucial to ensure that the contents do not exceed this limit to avoid any extra charges or delivery issues.
  2. Packing Material: While considering the size, it’s also crucial to use quality packing materials to protect the content inside, especially for Parcel L, which typically holds heavier or bulkier items.
  3. Labeling: Correct and clear labeling is crucial, ensuring accurate delivery, and avoiding any delays due to misrouting.


The PosLaju Parcel L, with its substantial dimensions of 225mm x 420mm x 340mm, caters to the shipping needs of larger, bulkier items, offering ample space while maintaining the integrity and security of the contents within during transit. Proper understanding and consideration of each dimension, along with appropriate packing, labeling, and adherence to weight limits, ensure optimal utilization of this parcel size for a seamless, hassle-free shipping experience.

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