What is the size of 1kg parcel in poslaju?

Sending parcels via Pos Laju involves considerations not only for weight but also for size. The dimensions of a 1kg parcel in Pos Laju are determined by the size categories established by the courier service. As of the latest information, Pos Laju categorizes parcels into different sizes, denoted by ‘S’ and ‘L.’

  1. Size Categories:
    • Pos Laju defines two size categories – ‘S’ and ‘L’ – each with specific dimensions that accommodate varying weights.
  2. Dimensions for 1kg Parcel:
    • For a 1kg parcel in Pos Laju, the applicable size is ‘L,’ which stands for Large. The dimensions for an ‘L’ size parcel are 320mm x 380mm.
  3. Additional Information:
    • It’s important to note that the provided dimensions (320mm x 380mm) represent the length and width of the parcel. The actual size of the parcel is determined by measuring its dimensions and ensuring it fits within the specified criteria.
  4. Previous Size Information Update:
    • Previously, Pos Laju provided size information for ‘S’ parcels, which are suitable for parcels weighing up to 500 grams. The dimensions for ‘S’ size parcels are 280mm x 200mm.
  5. Ensuring Compliance:
    • To ensure that a 1kg parcel meets Pos Laju’s size criteria, customers should use the ‘L’ size category with dimensions of 320mm x 380mm.
  6. Reviewing Size Guidelines:
  7. Conclusion:
    • Understanding the size categories for Pos Laju parcels is crucial for customers to choose the appropriate packaging and ensure compliance with the service’s specifications. By adhering to the recommended dimensions for a 1kg parcel, senders can help facilitate smooth processing and efficient delivery through Pos Laju.

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