What is the maximum length of Poslaju?

Pos Laju, a renowned courier service in Malaysia, imposes specific size and weight restrictions on parcels to ensure the efficient processing and delivery of shipments. In addition to the maximum length, Pos Laju categorizes parcels based on weight and dimensions, encompassing both overweight and oversized shipments. Here is a detailed overview:

  1. Standard Dimensions:
    • Pos Laju, like many courier services, enforces size restrictions to facilitate the streamlined handling of parcels. These restrictions encompass dimensions such as length, width, and height.
  2. Size Categories:
    • Parcels sent through Pos Laju are categorized based on both weight and dimensions. Two crucial size categories are overweight and oversized shipments.
  3. Overweight Shipments:
    • Overweight shipments fall within the weight range of 30.1kg to 60kg. Customers need to be mindful of the weight of their parcels to ensure compliance with Pos Laju regulations.
Shipment CategoryWeight RangeDimensional Criteria
Overweight30.1kg – 60kg
OversizedAny side measuring 150.1cm – 200cm
Length + Width + Height ≤ 300cm (for all sides)
  1. Oversized Shipments:
    • Oversized shipments pertain to parcels with specific dimensional characteristics. For a parcel to be considered oversized, it must have any side measuring between 150.1cm and 200cm. Moreover, the sum of the Length, Width, and Height of the parcel should not exceed 300cm.
  2. Maximum Length Definition:
    • The “maximum length” still refers to the longest side of the parcel. This measurement is crucial for determining the size category and ensuring adherence to Pos Laju’s size restrictions.
  3. Handling Oversized Parcels:
    • Parcels exceeding the maximum length or falling into the oversized category may incur additional charges or require special handling. Customers are encouraged to consult Pos Laju for precise details on the handling of oversized shipments.
  4. Policy Variations and Updates:
    • It’s essential to note that courier services, including Pos Laju, may update their size and weight restrictions periodically. Customers should regularly check Pos Laju’s official channels for the latest information on maximum parcel dimensions and weight allowances.
  5. Customer Support:
    • For specific inquiries or clarifications regarding size and weight restrictions, customers can reach out to Pos Laju’s customer support through their website, hotline, or by visiting physical branches.
  6. Conclusion:
    • Understanding the size and weight categories for Pos Laju parcels is crucial for customers to ensure the smooth processing and timely delivery of shipments. Compliance with both weight and dimensional restrictions is key to utilizing the Pos Laju service effectively and avoiding any potential complications in the shipping process.

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