PRK Sorting Centre Shopee Express Location

Shopee Express, renowned for its precision in delivery schedules, has experienced extended delivery times during the current shopping season.

Users tracking their parcels on Shopee Express have noticed a new sorting center named PRK Sorting Centre. Unfortunately, locating the PRK sorting center for Shopee Express has proven challenging for users.

PRK Sorting Centre Shopee Location

PRK Sorting Centre Shopee Express Location While the exact location of the PRK sorting center remains unknown, we are actively working to identify and update this information promptly.

Our commitment to locating various sorting centers, including DDR Shopee, MKZ Centre, SOC 3 Shopee, SOC 2, U 10 Shopee, and others, has been successfully fulfilled. Rest assured, we will promptly determine the location of PRK Shopee Express.

PRK Sorting Centre Shopee Express Location

If you encounter any issues with parcel delays, you can reach out to Shopee Express executives using the contact details provided below.

What to Do If Your Shopee Express Package is Held at PRK Sorting Centre?

This information is derived from Shopee’s Customer Service response on Twitter (@ShopeeMY). When the status of your order indicates it is undergoing delivery processes and awaiting sorting at the PRK Sorting Centre, it means the package is in transit. Customers are advised to exercise patience and wait for the expected date of receipt.

If the delivery surpasses the expected timeframe but hasn’t arrived, consider extending the warranty period and remain patient. Ensure to reach out to customer service again to initiate a report for the relevant team.

For those seeking quicker resolution, the option to apply for a refund is available. If approved and the delivery is deemed unsuccessful, the order will be canceled, and funds will be reimbursed to ShopeePay.

Concerning on-site pickup, it’s often challenging to collect items directly from the warehouse, especially during peak delivery periods. The sorting center serves as a large warehouse for sorting goods to and from Perak, handling a substantial influx of packages daily. Locating a specific item within such a volume can be challenging.

If you require information about the address or directions to the PRK Sorting Centre Shopee Express location, refer to the details provided above and utilize Google Maps for navigation. In cases where parcels are stuck at the sorting center, reaching out to Shopee Express for assistance is recommended.

PRK Sorting Centre Contact Number

Contact Number: +603-2777-9222

While parcel tracking on the Shopee Express app is available, it will display the same location for the PRK sorting center. For accurate information, it is recommended to contact customer service.

Operating Hours of Shopee Express PRK Sorting Center

  • Monday to Friday: 9 AM to 5:30
  • PM Saturday: 9 AM to 1 PM
  • Sunday: Closed

Whether you need to drop off a parcel or pick up an undelivered one, note the operating hours mentioned above.

Final Thoughts on PRK Sorting Center Shopee Express operates numerous sorting centers worldwide, particularly in Malaysia and the Philippines, processing millions of parcels weekly. Locating all these sorting centers can be challenging due to the consistently high parcel volume.

We are diligently working to discover the exact location of the PRK Sorting Center and will provide updates here. Stay connected to our blog for real-time tracking of your parcels at various sorting centers worldwide!

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