Pos Laju Ampang Malaysia- Operating Hours, Location & Contact Number

Pos Laju, Malaysia’s leading express courier service provider, has a vast network of service centers throughout the country, ensuring swift and reliable mail and parcel deliveries. One of its key branches is located in Ampang, a major district in the eastern part of Kuala Lumpur. T

his guide will provide comprehensive details about Pos Laju Ampang.

Introduction to Pos Laju

As the express arm of Pos Malaysia, Pos Laju boasts an extensive reach with its services spanning both domestically and internationally. Their commitment to speed and security makes them a top choice for personal and business courier needs in Malaysia.

Pos Laju Ampang Malaysia- Operating Hours, Location & Contact Number

Pos Laju Ampang: At A Glance

Jalan Bunga Tanjung,
68000 Ampang,
Selangor, Malaysia.

This strategically placed branch ensures that residents and businesses in Ampang and surrounding areas have easy access to top-notch courier services.

Operating Hours

Monday – Friday:
8:30 AM – 6:30 PM

8:30 AM – 1:00 PM

Sunday and Public Holidays:

Services at Pos Laju Ampang

  1. Domestic Deliveries: Whether it’s a small document or a large parcel, Pos Laju Ampang ensures quick deliveries across Malaysia.
  2. International Shipments: Extending their services beyond borders to meet your global shipping requirements.
  3. Prepaid Solutions: Prepaid envelopes and boxes for simplified shipping solutions, especially useful for e-commerce ventures.
  4. Package Insurance: Assuring safety for valuable packages with insurance options.
  5. Parcel Lockers: A feature that lets you pick up your parcels at any time, providing flexibility in collection.

Contacting Pos Laju Ampang

Contact Number:
+60 3-9202 1627

Email Address:
Usually, for customer inquiries, the central Pos Laju customer care email at care@pos.com.my can be utilized.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is there a weight limit for parcels sent from Pos Laju Ampang?

Yes, weight limits apply depending on the type of service chosen. Always check specific weight restrictions when at the branch or consult with staff.

How can I track my package sent from Pos Laju Ampang?

Tracking is simple. Use the tracking number provided during dispatch and enter it on the Pos Malaysia website or the official mobile app.

Can I purchase packing materials at Pos Laju Ampang?

Absolutely! The branch offers a variety of packing materials, from envelopes to boxes, to cater to your shipping needs.

What if I miss my delivery?

Missed deliveries typically get a second attempt. If missed again, parcels usually are held at the nearest Pos Laju branch, in this case, Pos Laju Ampang, for a stipulated period.


Pos Laju Ampang serves as a testament to the brand’s dedication to efficient courier services. With its strategic location and array of services, it plays a pivotal role in catering to the postal needs of individuals and businesses in the Ampang region.

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