PCH Sorting Centre Shopee Express Location

The PCH Sorting Center is an integral part of Shopee Express’s logistical framework, playing a vital role in the e-commerce giant’s operations. This guide provides a detailed look into the PCH Sorting Center, focusing on its Google location, Customer Service Contact numbers, operational dynamics, and its importance in the overall delivery process of Shopee Express.

About PCH Sorting Center

PCH Sorting Center stands as a critical hub within Shopee Express’s extensive logistics network. It’s where the sorting, handling, and dispatching of parcels are executed with precision and efficiency. This center is specially designed to manage the high volume of orders processed through Shopee, ensuring timely and accurate delivery to customers.

PCH Sorting Center Location and Accessibility

The exact location of the PCH Sorting Center can vary depending on the region and country. These centers are strategically situated to optimize logistics operations, usually placed in areas with easy access to major transport routes to facilitate quick dispatch and delivery.

PCH Sorting Centre Shopee Express Location

For the specific location of a PCH Sorting Center near you, it’s recommended to refer to Shopee Express’s official communication channels or their customer service for accurate information.

We have successfully achieved our goal of identifying the locations of several key sorting centers, such as DDR ShopeeMKZ CentrePRK CentreSOC 3 ShopeeSOC 4SOC 2 Philippines, and U10 Shopee, among others.

Google Map Directions & Address:

To find the PCH Sorting Center, customers and vendors can utilize Google Maps for precise directions. This is particularly useful for vendors or logistics partners who need to navigate to the center for parcel drop-offs or other related tasks.


1-12, Jalan BK 5a/2b, Bandar Kinrara 5, 47180 Puchong, Selangor

Contact Details and Working Hours

The PCH Sorting Center typically operates with extended or round-the-clock working hours, considering the continuous influx and dispatch of parcels. However, the exact operating hours can be location-specific.

Operation hours:
Monday – Sunday 9.00am to 5.00pm

Contact Information:
For inquiries, parcel tracking assistance, or any logistics-related concerns, Shopee Express provides contact details, which may include a customer service hotline, email support, and a helpdesk on the Shopee platform.

Phone Number: 03-27779222

Operational Workflow at PCH Sorting Center

  1. Receipt of Parcels: The center receives parcels from various Shopee sellers or collection points.
  2. Scanning and Sorting: Each parcel is scanned, and its tracking status is updated. Automated systems sort parcels based on destination, size, and delivery priority.
  3. Quality Assurance: Checks are performed to ensure parcel integrity and correct packaging.
  4. Routing and Dispatch: Parcels are then allocated to specific delivery routes, whether for local, national, or international destinations.
  5. Real-Time Tracking: Customers can track their parcels through Shopee’s tracking system, which provides updates on the parcel’s journey, including its status at the PCH Sorting Center.
  6. Final Delivery: Sorted parcels are handed over to delivery personnel for the last leg of the journey – reaching the customer’s doorstep.

Importance in Shopee’s Network

The PCH Sorting Center is pivotal in maintaining the efficiency of Shopee Express’s delivery service. By optimizing the sorting and dispatching process, ensures that customers receive their orders promptly, which is crucial for maintaining customer satisfaction and trust in the Shopee platform.


The PCH Sorting Center of Shopee Express is a cornerstone in the e-commerce delivery chain, embodying efficiency, technological advancement, and strategic logistics management. For sellers and customers alike, understanding its operation and location is key to appreciating the complex journey that a Shopee parcel undergoes from the point of sale to delivery.

Frequently Asked Question

1. What does “your parcel has been received by sorting center” mean?

When you see the status “your parcel has been received by sorting center,” it means that your package has arrived at a key logistics facility – a sorting center. This is where parcels are processed, organized, and routed towards their next destination.

This status is an indication that your parcel is progressing through the delivery chain and has reached an important milestone in its journey.

2. What does it mean when a package arrived at sorting center?

When a package “arrived at sorting center,” it signifies that the parcel has reached the facility where it will be sorted based on the final destination, size, type, and priority.

The sorting center is responsible for efficiently categorizing parcels to ensure they are dispatched correctly to their subsequent delivery points or directly to the recipients.

3. What is the parcel sorting center?

A parcel sorting center is a dedicated facility within the logistics network where the sorting of parcels and mail occurs. These centers are equipped with advanced technology and machinery to handle high volumes of parcels.

They play a crucial role in streamlining the delivery process by organizing parcels according to their final destinations and preparing them for the next leg of their delivery journey.

4. Can I pick up my parcel from PCH Sorting Centre Hub?

Generally, PCH Sorting Centres are not designed for direct customer interaction, such as self-collection of parcels. They are logistics hubs focused on processing large volumes of shipments.

For most courier and postal services, including Shopee Express, parcel pick-ups are handled at designated collection points or retail outlets rather than at sorting centers. However, it’s always best to check with Shopee Express’s customer service for their specific policies and options.

5. Where is PCH Sorting Centre?

The location of a PCH Sorting Centre can vary depending on the region and is strategically chosen to optimize logistics efficiency. These centers are often located in areas with access to major transport networks to facilitate quick dispatch and transportation of parcels.

Here is the PCH location address you can check: 1-12, Jalan BK 5a/2b, Bandar Kinrara 5, 47180 Puchong, Selangor

For the exact location of a PCH Sorting Centre near you, or in a specific region, it’s advisable to contact Shopee Express directly or check their official website or customer service channels for accurate and up-to-date information.

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