How long does it take for Poslaju to deliver?

Poslaju, the leading courier company in Malaysia, has revolutionized package delivery with its commitment to speed and reliability. Whether it’s a domestic or international shipment, Poslaju has set high standards for timely delivery.

In this extensive guide, we’ll be breaking down the factors that determine the delivery times of Poslaju and how you can leverage tracking tools to monitor your package’s journey.

How long does it take for Poslaju to deliver?

Poslaju’s Delivery Standard:

Poslaju is renowned for its efficiency, typically delivering domestic parcels within 1 to 3 working days, depending on the distance between the dispatch and delivery points. International shipments’ time frames vary based on the destination country and customs procedures.

Factors Influencing Delivery Time:

Several elements play a part in determining the actual delivery time of a Poslaju parcel:

a. Destination Distance: The proximity between the sender and the recipient’s locations is a primary determinant. Closer destinations usually experience quicker deliveries.

b. Package Volume: During peak seasons or due to promotional events, there might be a high volume of packages, possibly causing some delays.

c. Customs Clearance: For international deliveries, the time taken for customs clearance is unpredictable and can significantly impact the overall delivery time.

d. Operational Hours: Note that Poslaju operates from Monday to Saturday, excluding public holidays. Any parcel dispatched close to non-operational days may experience slight delays.

Tracking Your Poslaju Parcel:

Accurate parcel tracking is crucial to estimate delivery times. With the unique tracking number provided by Poslaju, customers can view the real-time status and location of their packages, offering peace of mind and the ability to plan accordingly.

a. Online Tracking Tools: Utilize Your Tracking Company’s Advanced Search or Poslaju Official Tracking to monitor your parcel’s journey.

b. Customer Service Support: If you encounter any discrepancies or issues with the tracking tool, Poslaju’s customer service is available to assist with inquiries and resolve concerns promptly.

Proactive Approach to Delivery:

Staying informed about your package’s status and estimated delivery date allows you to make necessary arrangements, ensuring a smooth delivery process.

a. Schedule Your Availability: Once you have an estimated delivery date, make sure someone is available to receive the package to avoid any unnecessary delays.

b. Contact Poslaju if Delayed: If your parcel hasn’t arrived within the expected timeframe, reach out to Poslaju immediately to inquire about the delay and resolve any potential issues.


Poslaju’s commitment to speed and reliability has made it a preferred choice for many. While the standard delivery times are usually met, being aware of the various influencing factors and utilizing tracking tools can help manage expectations and plan better. A proactive approach and timely communication with Poslaju can help in addressing any discrepancies and ensuring that your package reaches its destination as smoothly as possible.

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